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Airline Pilots Still Face Big Stigma on Reporting UFOs

Pilot Stigma on Reporting UFOs
Pilot Stigma on Reporting UFOs

Pilots have been seeing UFOs for decades when flying. This has occured on every continent and during all phases of flight. Yet, reporting these to the FAA or even the airline itself is a big deal No pilot wants to lose their “wings” and the ability to fly. Thus, they have chosen to remain quiet. Recently, two American Airlines pilot reported seing a UFO fly over their plane at excessive speeds. Speeds not currently possible on any terrestrial aircraft. The fact that this event was even released is a big deal. Historically, this has not been the case. During flights pilots have reported seeing, followed, observed, and shaddowing by UFOs. Yet, what is reported is miniscule and what it is released is even non-existent. Pilots need to share what they see and not be shunned or fear they may lose their “wings”. This stigma has to stop.

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