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Born Two Hundreds Years too Early…

Date: April 16, 2018

Author: Editor in Chief

Many of us look at the stars and have a yearning, itch, desire, or something totally unexplainable that makes us wish we were there. I am not talking about traveling to the moon or Mars, but beyond. Beyond into inter-stellar space where we can travel to other star systems. Stars where we may find habitable planets and possibly even intelligent life. This push or desire to travel among the stars is not new, but there are many of us who feel we were born too early. Humans cannot travel to the moon or Mars easily let alone to another system. We do not possess the technology (yet) to travel faster than light (FTL drives) or pass through a wormhole. These individuals are the same people (us included) who watch Star Trek or Stargate and wish we could be on one of those ships or pass through a wormhole. We are the same people who take the garbage late at night and see Orion’s Belt and wonder who or what is out there. We watch with curiosity about the efforts to go to Mars or the moon and wish we were further along. Mars and the moon are fine but they are here. Here in our backyard and it will take months and months to reach even Mars and we are still probably a decade away. Many of us want more, we yearn for more. We want to believe that we can reach our closes neighbor, Proxima Centauri, which is 4.22 light years away. Yet, we know in our lifetimes (unless new technology is discovered or we make contact a benevolent alien species who has FTL capability), this will not be possible. We are the ones who will continue to have a burning desire to travel the stars, but are Earth locked.

–The Earthlocked

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