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The Slow Indoctrination of Humans to Alien Life

Humans are not the most hospitable beings. We do not like change and we don’t like to be surprised. We are creatures of comfort and the thoughts that we may not be alone in the universe could be an overwhelming response.

In the past decades, there has been a slow indoctrination of humans to the possibility of alien life. Hollywood has brought us dozens of movies about humans and their responses to aliens. Some of these movies show Earth being invaded by aliens, Independence Day, or humans traveling to distance stars to find aliens, or aliens live among us such as Star Trek.

What will humans do when they realize we are not alone? How will we respond? In the news there have been more and more instances of coverage such as NASA’s launch of the TESS telescope to look for livable planets, or military pilots chasing UFOs, or the search of water on Mars, or the Vatican being more accepting of alien science.

All of these are examples of humans being climatized to the realization that we are not alone. When the discovery of alien life (whether intelligent or otherwise) comes to fruition, the reaction of humans is anybody’s guess. However, don’t be surprised if humans react with a humbler and accepting approach than a fearful one.

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