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European Space Agency (ESA) Releases Detailed Star Map

Milky Way

ESA’s Gaia mission has released the richest and most detail catalogue of stars in our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. To date, nearly 1.7 billion stars have been revealed. Launched in 2013, Gaia has produced images of star formations that have helped to expand our cosmic knowledge. Read more as ESA…

See if Your Likely to See a UFO in Your State


Ever wonder what are  your chances of seeing a UFO in your backyard? Now, you can find out what your chances are of seeing a UFO are in every state. Obviously, some states rank higher than others. Wyoming has the highest odds and Florida has the lowest odds of seeing a UFO. Read more at Casino…

Was Oumuamua an Interstellar Craft?


Last October (2017), a mysterious object entered our solar system. It was named Oumuamua or “first messenger” in Hawaiian. The object traveled didn’t travel like a regular asteroid or comet, that is, having a defined and predictable path. Rather, the cigar shaped object traveled like a knife cutting through butter or a diagonal trajectory through our solar system. Researchers aimed their telescopes and other instruments at it to see if it was emitting any sounds, signals, or energy. None were reported to the public. If Oumuamua was an alien craft, why not stop and say hi to us Earthlings? Or, perhaps we are not that interesting and too primitive for advanced alien life to stop and say hello. Nevertheless, Oumuamua most likely will not be last object that enters our solar system that causes a stir. The real question, will the next Oumuamua be the actual first messenger and stop by and introduce themselves?

Large UFO Spotted Near International Space Station (ISS)

UFO Spotted Near International Space Station (ISS)

A large UFO was spotted near the International Space Station. The UFO appears to be triangular in shape and approximately 300 meters or almost 1000 feet. The object appears to have glowing orbs and dissapears as if it has some sort of cloaking technology. View on YouTube.

Born Two Hundreds Years too Early…

Date: April 16, 2018

Author: Editor in Chief

Many of us look at the stars and have a yearning, itch, desire, or something totally unexplainable that makes us wish we were there. I am not talking about traveling to the moon or Mars, but beyond. Beyond into inter-stellar space where we can travel to other star systems. Stars where we may find habitable planets and possibly even intelligent life. This push or desire to travel among the stars is not new, but there are many of us who feel we were born too early. Humans cannot travel to the moon or Mars easily let alone to another system. We do not possess the technology (yet) to travel faster than light (FTL drives) or pass through a wormhole. These individuals are the same people (us included) who watch Star Trek or Stargate and wish we could be on one of those ships or pass through a wormhole. We are the same people who take the garbage late at night and see Orion’s Belt and wonder who or what is out there. We watch with curiosity about the efforts to go to Mars or the moon and wish we were further along. Mars and the moon are fine but they are here. Here in our backyard and it will take months and months to reach even Mars and we are still probably a decade away. Many of us want more, we yearn for more. We want to believe that we can reach our closes neighbor, Proxima Centauri, which is 4.22 light years away. Yet, we know in our lifetimes (unless new technology is discovered or we make contact a benevolent alien species who has FTL capability), this will not be possible. We are the ones who will continue to have a burning desire to travel the stars, but are Earth locked.

–The Earthlocked

Rancher in Arizona Sells Homestead Claims Aliens and UFOs

A rancher an Arizona is selling his homestead claiming an unusal amount of paranormal activity. Located in the Valley of the Rainbow, the homeowner is willing to sell at any price. Read more…

Aliens on Earth, in Dark Matter?

Source: Newshub

Have we been looking for aliens in the wrong place this whole time?

Researchers are now seriously considering the possibility if they exist, we won’t find evidence in outer space, but right here on Earth – only invisible to the eye. Read more…

Multiple UFOs Reported in Connecticut in 2018


A total of 13 Connecticut UFO sightings were reported to the National UFO Reporting Center. There were more than 80 sightings reported during 2017.

The most recent report was made March 29 regarding a March 26 sighting that lasted 10 minutes in Ridgefield. Read more…

The Drake Equation Explained Video

The Drake Equation is an attempt to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations that exist in the Milky Way galaxy. Note, Earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy. It does not apply to civilizations living in other galaxies. Seven variables comprise the equation…

UFO sightings capture human imagination throughout history

Source: ABC News

For centuries, mankind has reported seeing UFOs in various parts of the world. The alleged sightings have captivated the public imagination and raised questions about life beyond our planet.

Early cave drawings, ancient texts and centuries-old paintings appear to depict or describe human contact with extraterrestrial beings and UFOS, or unidentified flying objects. For instance, the 1710 painting by Dutch artist Aert De Gelder appears to show a UFO illuminating the baptism of Jesus Christ. Read more…

Airline Pilots Still Face Big Stigma on Reporting UFOs

Pilot Stigma on Reporting UFOs
Pilot Stigma on Reporting UFOs

Pilots have been seeing UFOs for decades when flying. This has occured on every continent and during all phases of flight. Yet, reporting these to the FAA or even the airline itself is a big deal No pilot wants to lose their “wings” and the ability to fly. Thus, they have chosen to remain quiet. Recently, two American Airlines pilot reported seing a UFO fly over their plane at excessive speeds. Speeds not currently possible on any terrestrial aircraft. The fact that this event was even released is a big deal. Historically, this has not been the case. During flights pilots have reported seeing, followed, observed, and shaddowing by UFOs. Yet, what is reported is miniscule and what it is released is even non-existent. Pilots need to share what they see and not be shunned or fear they may lose their “wings”. This stigma has to stop.

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